Animation Project E – It’s a Wrap


It was during the Saturday Film School session at Raindance London that I first had the inspiration to make *some kind* of film, I wasn’t sure what at the time. If you’re a filmmaker, active or aspiring, I’d highly recommend Raindance’s 1-day course, as you come out with a mad gleam in your eye, wanting to film the world. So buoyed by post-course energy, I made a decision to use whatever downtime I had between bill-paying jobs to make something of my own. I had two projects in mind initially, an animation and a live action/time-lapse idea that seemed a bit too ambitious, so I opted for the animation, as that would be ‘quicker’. Oh if only I’d known.

I had an idea to do a music project, so I picked a tune that I really like, made by a copyright holder who seems relaxed about fair use. I drew a terrible, stick figure storyboard and started thinking about design. The big leap forward came when I decided to dismantle my bedroom to make a studio. After that there was no turning back. Months of moving things frame-by-frame followed. I worked through a July heat wave, lights blasting, wearing a bikini top and shorts, I fretted over the weather when shooting outdoors, I nearly got mugged in my local park (learned my lesson there), Christmas came and went and I never thought I’d finish, but finish I did last week and now I have an planet-sized amount of post-production to wade through.

It’s been an amazing ride and I’ve loved every super-focused minute of it, even the terrible ones where I accidentally nudged the camera or the set, when I chewed on my fist or beat the crap out of a sofa cushion, shouting terrible, terrible oaths. But then you have the wonderful moments when you get a shot up on the computer and it exceeds all expectations. I’ve relished the problem solving, learned a shed load and can’t wait to get the finished result posted.

From all the E Gang, ta-ta for now.

Cast Portrait





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