Stopmotion ‘Project E’ Update

Since the last post on Project E I’ve managed to cross the halfway mark in terms of shooting, which is exciting. August/September saw me taking on the most difficult bit of the shoot, the dreaded outdoors set-ups. Having spent most of the summer of 2012 shooting the Skatefresh App outside I was well aware of the particular challenges shooting al fresco can throw at you. I had big plans to shoot in my local park but really underestimated the amount of gear I’d need to lug up there to animate, not to mention the personal security issues shooting up there on my own. Nevertheless, I did do some park shooting on one of the last hot, sultry days of August, snapping away nervously for a couple of hours and feeling rather vulnerable until a lovely family came and picnicked quite close to me, which took away the jitters and allowed me to really concentrate on my work, so huge thanks to them. Chatted to one of the party after I was finished – delightful lady. Although the results from the park were good, I switched the outdoor set-ups to my back garden, which was much less stressful. Ah well, you live and learn. Below are some behind the scenes shots and a few frames of the outdoor scenes.


L: Garden chair and fencing being used as a wind break. R: Cheating at creating sunlight using my Dedolight


L: General useful stuff for shooting, including an essential cup of tea. R: My rudimentary flying rig using wires attached to my tripod

Leaf-baby frame

Rough frame: Leaf Baby appears.


Rough frame: my star about to try out her new wings.


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