I Second That Stop Motion

I love stop motion animation and, despite the development of CGI, I’m happy to see it’s still loved and explored by so many film makers. Not that I’m a CGI Luddite – I love any kind of film-enhancing tech – but there’s a quality to stop motion that you can’t really replicate in any other medium. So after years of being a fan, watching amazing films by Jan Svankmajer, the Brothers Quay, Jiri Trnka, Ladislas Starevich, Norman McLaren, Willis O’Brien, Ray Harryhausen, Bura & Hardwick, Bruce Bickford and Nick Park, I decided to have a ‘proper go’ at the technique myself. Fortunately I’ve had a sufficient break in my commercial work to get an animation project off the ground. I’ve decided on a music video, shooting in and around my home in London, which I’ll hopefully get finished before I get too busy with bread and butter work again. I’ve drawn a terrible stick-figure storyboard and dismantled my bed to create a studio in my bedroom, so I’m now committed! Here are a few stills of the shoot in progress and I’ll post more as I get more in the can.



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