Pilgrimage To Pinewood


Unbelievably, it was back in July when I was up at Pinewood Studios on a baking hot day (the only one in July 2012 in the UK I think), shooting a day in the life of Stacey Solomon for Princess Productions. The scene was the set of The Love Machine, which Stacey co-presents with Chris Moyles. Visiting Pinewood was a huge deal for me as some of my favourite Powell and Pressburger movies were shot there (The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus and Peeping Tom), plus of course it’s the home of James Bond. Just walking to the LM set took me past a sound stage with a huge forest set for Maleficent (due out in 2014), and Stacey told me that she’d seen Angelina Jolie buzzing around the lot on a golf buggy. The glamour! See my piece on Stacey in all her charming, bubbly glory here.


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