Fresh From The Editing Bunker

What? When? October ALREADY? Where did the last four months go? It feels like I’ve been welded to the editing chair here at CMJHQ for the entire time, but now I emerge, blinking, into the cool sigh of autumn to see all the projects I’ve been toiling over during the past weeks start to bloom. Bad seasonal metaphor there, but you get the gist. September saw the publication of Nigella Lawson‘s Italian-themed book Nigellissima, and the behind the scenes video I shot for her back in May featured not just on her website, but also in her free phone app. Molto bene! Short videos of mine showing recipes from the book will also feature on Nigella’s website over the coming weeks. I just checked and the one currently on the homepage is Butterfly Lamb. All this coincided with Nigella’s new show for the BBC, which features a near-exact copy of her own kitchen built by the production team, even down to the bookcase stuffed full of cookery books. More summer projects are set to tumble onto this blog like autumn leaves (I’m on fire with this seasonal thing!) as they appear online, so stay posted. Promise it won’t be another four months’ wait.


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