Birthday of the Dead

Not really a video post this one – more of an outfit share. And some useful information for you vintage fans out there. T’was my birthday recently. Actually it was my birthday at the end of April, but the party was delayed until May, and this post has been delayed until now due to a flurry of activity at CMJ. Seeing as it was a Big Birthday (and I couldn’t possibly say which one), I naturally had to buy a new party frock which I found at an amazing clothes store in London’s Soho at 52 Greek Street, known colloquially as ‘the shop with no name’. With only the number ’52’ above the door and 52 Greek Street printed on the receipts, this shop has a singular approach to branding. It also shuns the interweb, preferring word of mouth as a means of marketing. And what a wonderful little shop it is, with its unhinged kitsch decor of vintage vinyl and barbie dolls, silver and sparkles. The clothes come in classic 50s and 60s cuts, for both men and women, in some fabulous printed fabrics. One of these days I think I’ll take a camera down there and see if they’ll agree to a little video report, but in the meantime here’s the amazing Mexico-themed frock I bought from them, with some details of the fabric on the right hand side.

Naturally there were party shoes too. Not new though. This lovely pair of glitter heels are by Faith via TopShop, from around 2006 I think.

And finally, the (literal) crowning glory. What every gal should wear on her birthday just so everyone knows she’s queen: a tiara!

Purchased from another favourite Soho store of mine, So High Soho on Berwick Street. A wonderful place for silver jewellery as well as fancy dress, trinkets, gewgaws, curiosities and supplies for those inclined towards mind expansion. The staff of friendly, sassy ladies are also a hoot, so pay them a visit sometime, but not the week before Hallowe’en or you’ll never get in there.

And just on a technical note, all the above photos were taken on my new Canon EOS 60D camera, with which I’m profoundly in love.


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