Going National

First 2011 post! And a belated happy new year to everyone. Since mid-November I’ve been working more or less full-time at the National Magazine Company – publishers of big lifestyle magazine brands such as Company, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping – shooting and editing video for online. The central London location is fabulous (apart from the commute to Oxford Circus, but let’s not go there) and the people are a lovely bunch. So here are a couple of embeds of my Nat Mags work – some shot and edited by me, some editing only. First up, here’s a how-to with legendary make-up artist Kabuki, who’s worked with Kylie, Madonna and the mighty Lady Ga Ga. A lovely, softly-spoken chap and, of course, excellent at his art. Here’s his how-to to achieving a bang-on-trend berry lip.

And for cosmopolian.co.uk, here’s a behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot in Miami, Florida, for a fashion feature on the classic little black dress. Alas they didn’t have the budget to send me over to shoot (drat!), so here’s my edit of footage shot by Cosmo fashion assistant, Clare, incorporating the finished shots.


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